Raise Your Voice

Why Advocacy is Important?

  • The public and private sectors should work collaboratively to develop solutions to elevating people out of poverty.  Advocacy is a way to engage both sectors.
  • In 2015, 46% of the pounds received in our Foodbank to be distributed came from state and federally funded programs—almost half of the total pounds of food distributed to partner agencies to go into the empty cupboards of people in need.  The other half of the food we distribute came from the private sector – a perfect example of collaboration between the public and private sectors.
  • There has been a shift in thought that as the national economy slowly gets better, anyone who is still struggling, is struggling because they aren’t working hard enough.
  • We are at a critical point in losing or greatly reducing many of the anti-poverty and anti-hunger programs we fought so hard for that have been instituted over the last 50 years to address the needs of people who struggle every day to make ends meet. We must protect these programs by giving voice to the disenfranchised to make this personal and change the assumption that people choose to be hungry and poor.


What Can You Do?

      Your voice is important: People have more power than they realize.

    • Be a part of our listserv.  This will allow you the opportunity to learn about public policy debates and how certain legislative actions affects hunger as well as keep you up to date for state and federal call in days, Town Hall meetings, and other local events.  Remember, you have a voice and the influence to make lives better for everyone in our community.

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  • Write and/or call your legislator.  Talk to them about your experiences as a volunteer for an anti- hunger non-profit and the importance supporting the funding of current or new anti-hunger programs.
  • Shared Harvest has been very fortunate to have been awarded a grant for two years to help kick start our new advocacy plans.  You can also help Shared Harvest continue to mobilize and educate the private and public sectors about the impact of hunger through designated monetary donations
  • Fill out the Advocacy Survey HERE


Questions or want to join our listserv–Contact:
Sarah Ormbrek


Advocacy Resources

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